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Vacation Rental Contract

This vacation rental contract is a legal agreement between you ("Renters") and Tom and Ruth Cope ("Members"), members of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club ("LHVC"). Renters agree that this contract will not take effect until their online reservation request is reviewed and accepted by LHVC. Members will notify Renters via email confirmation when their reservation is accepted.
This vacation rental contract supplements the terms of the LHVC reservation confirmation Renters receive from Members.

Reservation/Rental Policy

1. Renters agree to make known the terms of this rental contract to all tenants and their guests, and will be responsible for their compliance.
2. Renters agree not to smoke or allow smoking on the property. If they do, they will lose their security deposit.
3. Renters agree that they are responsible for any and all damage to the property caused by Renters or their guests. Renters will forfeit that portion of the security deposit that is reasonably attributable to broken, damaged or missing items.
4. Renters agree that vehicles parked on the property that do not have express permission to be there may be towed at Renters' expense.
5. Renters will forfeit their security deposit if all doors are not locked upon check-out.
6. All doors must be locked upon departure.
7. Renters will be charged for any keys not returned on checkout.
8. Renters agree that no pets will be permitted on the property at any time, unless the pet is ADA certified and the proper documentation of certification is provided to Members and LHVC prior to confirmation of the reservation and LHVC approves the pet for occupancy.
9. Renters acknowledge that LHVC is the owner of the property and the provider of all services to Renters. Accordingly, Renters agree that Members will not be liable to Renters for any failure of LHVC to provide such services or for the quality of or satisfaction of Renters with such services, and Renters will address any complaints concerning the property or services to LHVC.

Renters agree to hold Members and LHVC harmless and to indemnify and defend Members and LHVC for the payment of any claims (including legal fees, costs and expenses) arising out of any bodily injury or personal property damage occurring on or about the property, robbery, vandalism, acts of God, inclement weather, accidents relating to fire or any other unforeseeable circumstance. Renters also agree to indemnify Members for any charges imposed upon Members by LHVC as a result of damages to or missing items from the property caused by Renters or their guests.

This Vacation Rental Contract will be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All parties agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with regard to any disputes arising out of this Contract.




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